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Talking about yourself is difficult.

Most of us don’t like doing it and it feels awkward. That’s why writing your About page can be so difficult.

But here’s the secret: your About page isn’t really about you. Ok, it is about you, but it’s not for you. The purpose is to provide value. The reason you’re writing it is for your reader. This actually changes the way you approach it. It changes the way you structure it.

People are looking for a story on your About page. They’re looking for a story they can see themselves in and they’re also looking for an outcome. This is an opportunity.

Learn to write an About page even if you hate talking about yourself!

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to write the story people are looking for.
  • Who your About page is really for.
  • Exactly what to include on your About page.
  • How to condense your long-and-boring story into something compelling people will actually read.
  • What to give people on your About page to make them love you.
  • The number one mistake people make with their About page.
  • What you must include in your headline.

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