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If someone has money to spend, they’re doing something right.

If you want to get hired by high-value clients, you need to remember that they don’t have time to waste.

Unlike bottom-of-the-barrel clients that treat you like a commodity, micromanage, and demand revision after revision after revision, high-value clients value their time. They will actually pay more to get results in less time.

You have to act like the opposite of a commodity. A commoditized technician is someone who performs tasks and gets paid by the hour. They’re incentivized to make a job take longer, because they’ll get paid more. Of course, this also means that the kind of clients they attract want to pay them as little as possible.

High-value clients will pay more to get results in a shorter amount of time. That means if you have the experience to produce great results in a short amount of time, you actually get paid more to work less!

But to attract these clients, you must operate differently. You need to stop making them do work. What does that mean? That means stop providing OPTIONS. Start providing SOLUTIONS.

Cheap clients demand many options. They have all the time in the world to waste on picking between many options. High-value clients demand solutions. They want you to do the work and apply your expertise towards picking the best concept and presenting only that solution. They don’t want you to waste their time.

That’s exactly what you’re doing when you provide multiple options instead of one solution: you are wasting the client’s time and you are making them do your job.

Only amateurs make the client do their job.

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