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How do you find clients that pay well?

First, stop saying yes to all the wrong clients. You will never convert the wrong client into a great client.

The only way to get great clients is to attract them. You have to be the kind of person they want to work with. You can’t chase them, you must attract them.

Chasing clients starts the relationship off on the wrong foot and leads to problems. This fights the Rule of Reciprocity. There’s only one way to get on peoples’ radar without chasing them (we talk about it in the episode).

But attracting clients means attracting all kinds of clients—including ones you don’t want to work with. That means you have to filter people out. You do this by asking questions. Yes, there are bad questions to ask. We share one question you should never ask in this episode.

To get great clients, you need hyper-selectivity. You must say no to all other potential clients. Even the good ones. If the client is not a great client, you say no.

This advice is counter to what most other people will tell you. They will say, “Take on whatever work you can get in the beginning. You have no other choice. You live in the real world where there are bills to pay, you have to make money. You can’t afford to wait around for great clients.” Their advice is rooted in Scarcity Mindset.

Justin joins me for part two of our Value-Based Pricing series. We talk about avoiding Scarcity Mindset when it comes to clients, positioning yourself as an investment instead of an expense, and what to do about your existing clients when switching to Value-Based Pricing.

  • Why you cannot convert bad clients into good clients, and you cannot convert good clients into great clients.
  • What great clients are looking for and what they’re not focused on.
  • Don’t chase great clients—attract them.
  • How not to start off a client relationship.
  • How to become the kind of professional that clients want to work with.
  • How to get on a specific client’s radar.
  • The one thing you should never ask for from your clients.
  • Why you should never work with a client that has a red flag.
  • Why you should start saying no by default.
  • Why you will not be able to convert your existing clients to Value-Based Pricing.
  • How Value-Based Pricing positions you as an valuable investment to your clients.
  • Why it’s critical to put yourself in a position where you can be selective.

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