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Most people do not feel confident about their pricing.

They are not 100% certain that the price they put on their proposal is completely fair to the client and completely fair to them.

A common misconception about Value-Based Pricing is that you will charge some companies more just because they’re bigger. That is not at all the case. In fact, two companies of vastly different sizes will always receive a quote of the same price if the value they get in return is the same.

Value-Based Pricing is the fairest pricing model in existence because it ensures a client never pays more than a fraction of the value they’re getting.

Of course, discovering and uncovering that value in an accurate fashion is the key. You then have to take that quantified value and calculate a value-based price that also accounts for the time it takes to realize that value.

That’s what we teach inside the Value-Based Pricing course, and that’s what the tools we’ve developed will help you accomplish.

  • How to come up with a value-based price.
  • Why you can be completely confident every time you quote a price when you use Value-Based Pricing.
  • How to build your professional relationships on a foundation of trust.
  • Why a value-based price has nothing to do with the size of the client or how much money they have in the bank.
  • The one person that determines the value of your work.
  • Value is relative, and value is contextual.
  • Why you shouldn’t work with clients without money.
  • Why it’s so important to make a profit with client work.

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