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Don’t know where to start with products? Should you start small? Should you go big? This episode will help.

We break down the most sustainable order.

You want to get to something that’s big as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s where you should start with your very first product.

If your first product is too big, you can easily get overwhelmed and never end up shipping. You’ll end up biting off more than you can chew.

I recommend that you start small and ship a small product to prove to yourself that you can do it. You’re going to work out the kinks and learn a lot. You’ll make mistakes too. Better to do that at a small scale first.

Launching a small product first lets you iterate and develop processes. You’ll learn what it takes to market and sell. You’ll learn about payment processing. You’ll learn about delivery of goods (whether physical or digital).

All of this informs your big product. That’s the next step: maximize revenue. This becomes the fuel to all of your other ventures. This flagship product makes everything else you want to do possible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with selling products and don’t know where to start, this episode gives you a clear order in which to approach things.

We talk about maximizing the value and return you get from products, whether to go digital or physical, implementing a sales funnel, nurturing leads, up-selling, tiers, and setting yourself up to completely fill out your product spectrum (that’s a teaser for to the next episode on Creative Ideas to Help You Quickly Get More Products on the Shelf).

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to make money with products so you can continue doing what you do.
  • How to improve your products.
  • How to defeat the perfectionism that is keeping you from shipping.
  • How to sell something that people will pay for.
  • What a small product is for (hint: it’s not the revenue).
  • How to develop your launch process (and set yourself up for success with a flagship product).
  • Exactly what your flagship product needs to have to that people will pay a lot of money for it.
  • What to add for people to purchase after they buy your product.
  • How long to marketing your product before launching.
  • What you need more of to create more entrance points.
  • The right price points to have.

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