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I’m doing something different today: I’m talking about current events.

Apple has removed the headphone jack in it’s latest device: the iPhone 7.

Crazy or brilliant?

This move has been rather controversial (as have previous bold-at-the-time moves like removing the floppy and CD drives from devices), but it is a calculated move nonetheless.

Today’s show isn’t exclusively about Apple—it’s more about the concept of patience in business and making decisions in the best interest of the long game.

Whether you love or hate Apple, their actions affect us all—and there are lessons to be learned. We’ll be talking about those today.

Again, the point of the episode is not Apple but to use the topic as an opportunity to dive into a discussion about the long game. We do talk about Apple, but you should listen regardless of whether you care that Apple removed the headphone jack.

We talk about the future in regards to innovation and market acceptance, how people react to change, and how to set yourself up with enough cash reserves to afford to think about the long game.

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