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Take a moment and project forward. Get in your time machine and travel 20 years into the future: who is the future version of yourself you hope to meet? What does that person look like?

We don’t think about this person often enough. When you don’t intentionally think about becoming the person you want to be, you just end up becoming the person you are.

How often do you think about this future version of yourself and how are you taking actions now to become the person you want to be?

Things You’ll Learn
  • What accepting your mortality does for you right now.
  • The two things you need to consider when thinking about your future self.
  • What should inform how you spend your next five years.
  • The one thing that will bring you lasting joy.
  • How specific the actions towards your goals should be.
  • How to know where you’ll be in 20 years—today.
  • How to think of your vision in a way that guides how you live today.
  • The greatest road block between us and our ideal future selves.
  • What kind of goals you have to set to live the life you want.

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