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There’s no other word I can use to describe seanwes conference but incredible. The event far surpassed and exceeded my expectations. It was a beautiful picture of empowering talented, professional people and the result was nothing short of flawless. It honestly blew me away.

Everyone said it was the best conference they’d ever been to.

People with many different kinds of different businesses came from all over the world to be in one place together for several days, to enjoy some fantastic speakers, great conversations, and famously delicious Austin food.

In today’s podcast episode, Ben and I recap what happened at seanwes conference—an event we started planning nearly 2 years ago.

We specifically designed this event around the in-person conversations we knew people wanted to have. Generous margin was scheduled around speaking sessions with ample time for Q&A and lunch. In fact, after lunch we had an hour long “session” that was really just a time for people to talk. The first speaker after lunch didn’t start until 3:30pm, so no one had to face the “after lunch crowd”. It was very relaxed.

People told us that while after most conferences they felt like they had to recover, seanwes conference actually left them feeling, full, recharged, and rested. Amazing.

This episode gives a behind-the-scenes look at how we organized the conference. Ben, Cory, and I also share the gold nuggets we took away from the event. It’s a fantastically jam-packed episode for anyone looking for insights or inspiration for organizing their own conference too.

Things You’ll Learn
  • The most valuable part of a conference.
  • How we planned and put seanwes conference together.
  • How you can allow more people to be at a conference and have it still feel intimate.
  • What a conference can be an entrance point to.
  • The two biggest things to keep in mind if you’re organizing a conference.
  • What made seanwes conference unique and how we set ourselves apart.

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