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I just had the thought, “I wish I had three of me.”

Ever find yourself saying or thinking something like this? Ever wished you could have clones? Ever felt like you don’t have enough time in the day?

You wish you could have three of you.

But why?

“Well, I could do more,” you say.

Alright, what would you do?

“Well, I’d do this, and I’d do that… and then I’d do this other thing over here—all at the same time!”

That’s neat! If you had had to prioritize all three things though: which would make the most difference?

“I suppose if I had to pick, it’d be this thing.”

So you know the one that would make the biggest difference?

“I mean, yeah—if I had to pick, this one would be the most important.”

So, why not do that one thing right now?

Why not do the one thing right now that you know is the most important?

Wishing you could clone yourself is not a result of lack of time in a day. It’s a result of lack of clarity.

There’s always enough time in the day. Even if there were three of you, you could only do three things simultaneously. That’s three things you’re doing, and billions of other things you’re not doing.

No matter what, you can’t do it all at the same time.

So why wish you could clone yourself? That’s literally just scaling your problem. Then you’d have to decide the three things you and your clones are doing and the billions of others things you aren’t.

Instead of trying to multiply the amount of things you can do at once, channel that energy into establishing a sensible hierarchy to the many things you want to do in order.

You can’t do them all at once, so do them all in order. What’s the most important? What one thing will make the biggest difference? Do that. Then do the next thing. And the next thing.