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What does it take for someone to go from just discovering you to buying from you again and again?

Why do some loyal buyers turn into brand ambassadors while others don’t?

What we’re really describing here is a sales funnel. We break down every step along the way in this episode and go into great detail. Whether you’re just getting started with selling products or you’ve been selling for a long time, I guarantee you’ll get tremendous insights from this episode.

We cover how to attract the right people, build the relationship, encourage them to buy, and ultimately get them to spread the word.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by things like email lists, lead magnets, conversion rates, and automation, this episode is for you! We break everything down into usable pieces to help you make sense of the overwhelm.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What you need on your website homepage.
  • The one thing your lead magnet needs to do.
  • Mistakes to avoid with your welcome email.
  • How to more easily lead people to the right product with your sales funnel.
  • Exactly when to mention your product in an email sequence.
  • How to get people to buy.
  • What to do if someone doesn’t buy.
  • How frequently to send emails.
  • How to stay top of mind with your best customers.
  • What to give your loyal customers to reward loyalty.

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