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The media likes to glorify young successes.

Teenagers and twenty-somethings selling their startups to a large company and making a lot of money at a young age…

We see the stories so often it can start to feel like it’s a common occurrence.

But it’s easy to forget it’s not the norm. These are exceptions to the norm. They’re big stories and we see these stories on a regular basis because the media publicizes them.

If you’re young, it feels like you’re supposed to have everything figured out already. “Look at all the people my age doing so well!”

If you’re older, it feels like it’s too late. “Look at all the people so much younger than me doing better.”

99.99% of the people who win are tortoises. Slow and steady. It takes consistent effort over a long period of time to attain any kind of lasting success.

How do you keep that perspective? That’s what today’s show is all about.

Things You’ll Learn
  • Why age is not important.
  • What you need to stop comparing.
  • What it takes if you you want to make it.
  • When your journey actually starts.
  • When you’ll start to see results.
  • What to share instead of a picture of success.
  • When you’ll do your best work.

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