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We believe in community at seanwes.

That’s not just because we have our own thriving community.

We believe in the concept and future of independent communities.

That’s why we made CommunityTalk ( We built our own community messaging system and it’s been the glue to our membership site for years. Now, we want to make this available to others so they can build their own communities.

But building a community requires much more than just having a messaging system.

Today’s episode explores what’s required to build a community and what makes a community thrive.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What you need to know about starting your own community or joining one that already exists.
  • How to make your community succeed.
  • What it takes for a community to thrive.
  • Why running a community is not passive income.
  • Why competition isn’t a bad thing and how you can connect with your competition.
  • Why you should centralize your community’s interactions.
  • The people you should focus on when building a community and why.
  • Where to start when building a community.
  • How to price your community and increase the amount of value you’re providing to your members.

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