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I remember when I heard someone say “mastermind group” for the first time. It sounded like a strange thing. But it’s not anything weird or exclusive!

A mastermind is simply a group of people meeting regularly to improve together.

What’s the difference between a mastermind group and an accountability partner?

A mastermind group will typically have several people as opposed to just two. A group size of half a dozen is ideal.

Mastermind groups are a place to get feedback and insight on your situation. Unlike a coach, the partners in your mastermind group should be near your level. The idea is to grow together.

If you’re wanting to start your own mastermind (or you’re curious about them), this episode is for you.

We talk about whether or not you should start your own mastermind group or join an existing one, where to find the people, and how often you should meet.

The most interesting part is the breakdown of what happens inside. I share what goes down in a mastermind session on today’s episode.

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to know whether you should start a mastermind group or join one that already exists.
  • What kind of people should be in your mastermind group.
  • Why you should keep your mastermind small.
  • Why mastermind groups don’t really have leaders.
  • How to structure mastermind sessions in the most efficient way.
  • How to communicate expectations to all members of your mastermind group.
  • Who can and should start a mastermind group.

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