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When I was first getting started in business, I had Superhero Syndrome. I wanted to do it all myself, and I didn’t want to delegate because I was scared.

I was scared that other people wouldn’t care as much as me, wouldn’t care about the quality, and wouldn’t work as hard.

The thing is, you started a business because you want freedom.

I mean, you want money too, but what good is money when you work 18 hour days, hardly see your family and don’t have fun anymore?

You want money and freedom—and a business can give you that!

But right now, things look different:

You’re exhausted.
You have more work than one human can possibly do.
You need help—desperately.

Somehow at the same time, you also can’t afford to hire help.

You don’t even know who your first hire should be—let alone where to look for this person.

Today’s episode will be touching on some of the things we discussed in the Hiring Bootcamp workshop.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What to hire for first.
  • The one thing you need before you start hiring.
  • The two things you can’t delegate.
  • What you should be delegating.
  • The importance of discipline and what it takes to be successful in the long run.
  • How to challenge your employees without asking too much of them.
  • How to show your employees you appreciate them.
  • How to deal with micro-managing (as a boss or an employee).
  • What to look for in an employee.
  • How to get the right kind employees.

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