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So you’re making content, grinding it out, and publishing on a consistent schedule, but no matter how hard you work, it doesn’t seem to move the needle.

You’re not making sales.


What’s the deal?

That’s what your bank account wants to know.

Something is broken.

I used to be in IT. I ran a computer repair business where we performed on-site services. I’d get a call from a client who said something was “not working.”

I’d drive out to their location and check under the desk. It was “not working” because it wasn’t plugged in.

Something’s not plugged in when it comes to your content strategy.

Things You’ll Learn
  • The important difference between making content and content marketing.
  • The one thing your content needs to do if you want to sell successfully.
  • The importance of making sure your business is self-sustaining.
  • How to bridge the gap between the stages of the Buyer’s Journey.
  • Where to look for what kind of content you should be creating.
  • How story-telling can help you sell.
  • How reducing or pausing content creation might benefit your business.

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