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Hopefully you know about my book, Overlap, launching on September 14th.

You’ve heard me say it before: “People don’t notice announcements they notice consistency.”

If you want people to notice your project (this could be a book, podcast, video show, course, Kickstarter, or t-shirt collection), you can’t just announce it once. You can’t just mention it, you have to build up buzz and anticipation by continually talking about it.

Of course, you have to figure out a way to do that without being annoying or unnecessarily repetitive.

To get people to pay attention, you have to grab their attention.

If I want people to know about Overlap, I have to talk about it.

There’s a big problem though: I’m extremely introverted.

There are pros and cons to being introverted:

  • Pro: I can lock myself inside and just create.
  • Con: I don’t want to promote what I made.

But you have to talk about what you’ve made if you want people to know about it and care.

I’ve been talking about the topic my book is about for years: you shouldn’t just quit your day job, you should overlap.

But still, tons of people still don’t know about it! They don’t know Overlap is the way to get to the point where what you love to do also supports you. They don’t know how to get there without killing the passion or compromising their values.

One way I’m getting the word out is through Instagram. My Instagram profile is the largest social media account I have with over 90,000 followers.

However, my account has laid mostly dormant for the better part of this year.

Not only have I been missing out on sharing my work using photos on Instagram, but I’d also been missing out by not using Instagram Stories.

That is, until now.

Now, if look at my account, @seanwes on Instagram, you’ll see fresh posts as well as Instagram Stories with videos of me.

That’s because I started doing three things.

I want to share those 3 tips for being more expressive even when you’re shy or introverted like me:

1. Be Yourself Plus 10%

If you want someone to perceive you on video as not looking completely boring, you have to actually be excited.

If you want to be perceived as excited, you have to actually be extremely excited.

If you want to register as though you’re extremely excited, you need to be positively manic!

You have to be yourself plus 10% for your energy to translate.

In the beginning, it’s going to feel like you’re being disingenuous but you’re not. You’re simply respecting the translation of the medium.

Whether you like it or not, attention is the currency of this age.

If you want it, you have to work at it.

Be yourself plus 10%. This is what I keep in mind when recording videos.

2. Commit to a Schedule

You’re never going to want to do it.

If you’re waiting for the motivation to post or share or put yourself out there, it’s never going to happen.

Those who are motivated know it doesn’t start with motivation: it starts with a commitment to showing up.

There’s never going to be a morning where you wake up and decide you want to get on video and put your face in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

For my Instagram posts, I made a decision to post and do an Instagram Story every other day (at least until my book launch—hopefully I keep it up).

Instagram is really huge right now. Even though my posts don’t get as much engagement as they used to in years past, my stories are getting about a 10% engagement rate (that’s nearly 10,000 views on my stories).

You’re absolutely crazy if you’re not utilizing it right now.

3. Batch Process

Batching your process can sound like cheating, but I think it’s just being clever.

Part of why I haven’t posted on Instagram so much this year is because of the time it takes to create great posts.

It may seem like quotes are easy, but it’s extremely time consuming. I have to:

  • Select a quote (in this case from my book).
  • Make sure the quote stands alone on its own (without any additional context).
  • Lay out the type.
  • Emphasize and bold certain sections.
  • Restructure the layout to avoid widows and orphans (that’s a typographic term where lone words are left hanging at the beginning or end of paragraphs).
  • Export, organize, schedule, and sync everything to my phone.
  • Write individual unique captions for each photo (that use different messages than what’s already in the photo).

Now multiply that entire process times dozens of images. It’s incredibly time consuming.

But recently, I spent an entire weekend creating dozens of these quote images, exporting them, scheduling them, and writing unique captions.

I created enough to publish every other day until the launch of my book.

Now, I just need to create Instagram Story videos.

By batching the creation, I was able to take advantage of a time where I was motivated and focused. Then I simply scheduled out the publishing dates.

So those are my tips for you!

  1. Be Yourself Plus 10%
  2. Commit to a Schedule
  3. Batch Process

Follow me, @seanwes on Instagram and make sure to check out my book, Overlap.