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You just want to do the work, but then some business influencer says you have to build hype before it’s even ready.

That means creating content, right? Who has time to create content? It’s hard enough just to do the work!

A big mantra Gary Vaynerchuk has is “Document. Don’t create.”

What he means is, don’t get caught up in feeling the pressure of constantly having to create. Your story and your journey are both interesting—share them!

Share the process of getting where you want to go.

Share the journey as you work towards getting there.

I completely agree. And while Gary has made a video and written an article on this topic, I think it deserves an even more in-depth discussion to explore some examples of what documenting looks like.

We’re going to help reduce the overwhelm you feel when it comes to creating content.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • Document your journey. You’ll learn from it and others in the future will appreciate seeing how you got where you are.
  • Don’t think, document. What are you doing? Share the process.
  • You may think what you do is boring. But you don’t define the value of your documentation—others do. It may be valuable in ways you can’t know.
  • Don’t overthink it. Share the unpolished and raw process. People will appreciate the human behind the work.
  • What’s your motivation today? Why is this interesting? Why is it dull? Your take on why something is dull might actually be interesting.
  • There’s no such thing as “too real”. It’s all the human element. It’s all relatable.
  • If you’re not sharing the low points, the highs are not going to be real.
  • How bright do you want the brightest points to be? Because they will be as bright as the darkest points you share.