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It can be hard to ask for help.

We feel bad, we feel like we’re inconveniencing someone, and often, we think we can find a way to do things ourselves.

It’s true: you can be a lone wolf and figure everything out on your own. But you miss out on the benefit of relationships. You miss out on giving someone else an opportunity to feel helpful and important.

Think about a time where a friend asked you to help. Helping feels good—but not only that, it’s required to build a relationship.

I used to think I was “wasting” my credits by asking for help. You know how you do a favor for someone and they “owe” you? Well, I was always hesitant to waste that “ask” until a friend explained that’s not how it works.

A relationship is built through giving and asking—over and over. You’re supposed to repeat it! It’s like exercising a muscle.

Like with exercise, you can’t start out with the heaviest weight. You have to start small and build up.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • No one gets through life without help.
  • Asking for help is difficult because you have to humble yourself.
  • You might feel like you're being an inconvenience, but the way to build a relationship is by giving and asking, over and over.
  • If you don't ask for help, you don't give someone else a chance to help,
    feel important, feel needed, or to build the relationship.
  • If you have a hard time asking for help, start small.
  • If you care about your relationships, ask for help—that's how you strengthen them.
  • The skill of asking for help gives you a competitive advantage over others who aren't willing to ask.
  • Asking for help is not about saying you can't do it on your own, it's about leaning on your support network to strengthen the relationships you care about.
  • Ask someone for help today. It doesn't have to be a big ask, just give them a chance to help you with something.