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What in the world is a mastermind, and is it for you?

A mastermind is a group of about half a dozen people who meet regularly to help one another improve, stay accountable, and increase success.

Because a mastermind group is comprised of people who are peers, you don’t need to be at any certain level to be a part of one. You can be in a mastermind no matter what level you’re at!

Why would you want to be in a mastermind?

Get a fresh perspective.
Find accountability.
Make sure you’re taking action.

We talk about these more in today’s show on the importance of masterminds.

Things You’ll Learn:
  • Who a mastermind group is for.
  • The people a mastermind should be comprised of.
  • How masterminds can help you improve, stay accountable, and increase your success.
  • Why getting outside perspective is so important.
  • The importance of having relationships and a network you can lean on.
  • Why you shouldn’t see anyone who does something similar to you as competition.
  • How masterminds can help you save time and keep you from going in the wrong direction.

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