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What in the world is a mastermind, and is it for you?

A mastermind is a group of about half a dozen people who meet regularly to help one another improve, stay accountable, and increase success.

Because a mastermind group is comprised of people who are peers, you don’t need to be at any certain level to be a part of one. You can be in a mastermind no matter what level you’re at!

Why would you want to be in a mastermind?

  • Get a fresh perspective.
  • Find accountability.
  • Make sure you’re taking action.

We talk about these more in today’s show on the importance of masterminds.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • A mastermind group is typically comprised of about half a dozen peers—people at a similar level to you who are also trying to grow and better themselves.
  • Masterminds can help you improve, stay accountable, and increase your success.
  • Masterminds are about optimizing your business and high-level decision making.
  • Masterminds work best when there’s a commonality in the group (where you can share experiences) and within that commonality, people coming from different angles.
  • A mastermind is for anyone who could benefit from getting a fresh perspective, finding accountability, and ensuring they’re taking action.
  • There’s something you can learn from everyone.
  • You might think you know what people in a mastermind will tell you, but you need outside perspective.
  • You can’t attribute success to what you know but to who you know. It’s important to have relationships and a network you can lean on.
  • If you see everyone who does the same thing as you as competition, you’ll never have community—or in this case, a mastermind group.
  • You’ll get the most value out of a mastermind meeting when you’re struggling and you don’t want to go.
  • If you you think you don’t have time for a mastermind, realize that if you’re heading in the wrong direction without realizing it, you’re wasting time. You’re wasting way more time now than you would be investing in a mastermind to get clarity.
  • You’re more likely to follow through with your commitments when someone else is keeping you accountable.