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Hopefully after listening to the last episode on the importance of masterminds, you know how beneficial it is to participate in a mastermind group.

But how do you find a mastermind?

Should you find an existing one or start your own?

If you’re invited to a mastermind that’s a good fit, you should join. However, if you don’t get invited (or can’t find one), starting your own mastermind group is a great idea.

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about finding a mastermind group that’s an ideal fit or starting your own from scratch.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • If you find an existing a community of “your people,” join that. If you don’t find a community it’s an indication to start your own mastermind group.
  • Invest, in and make yourself known to, the type of people you want to be in a group with.
  • Each person should contribute in some way to the group, otherwise it doesn’t work.
  • Be generous and find ways to provide value in relationships, and it will be a no-brainer for someone to invite you to a mastermind group.
  • A mastermind invite is an opportunity that comes to those that are willing to invest in relationships, show up consistently, and provide value.
  • If you start your own mastermind, establish a common theme that will hold the group together.
  • Look for people on your level who have the right mindset and are taking action. Don’t look for the coolest, top people in your field that you just want to be around.
  • Schedule regular meetings, but identify the point of diminishing returns—when do you feel like you get more out of it than the time you invest in it for where you are in your life and your business?
  • The right person for your group doesn’t merely have potential—they’re already taking action where they’re at.
  • Spend time going deep on core issues.
  • As long as the context is right, and you’re with people who have your best interest in mind, be vulnerable with your struggles.