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In the last episode, we talked about the importance of attention and why you need it.

Today, we’re covering 5 methods you can use to get people’s attention.

I made a mistake early on: I learned that it’s good to create content that is evergreen and remains relevant for a long time to come.

While this is true, I went too far by creating ONLY evergreen content. Nearly 100% of what I focused on creating was built around a timeless message.

There’s nothing wrong with timeless, but it’s the very evergreen nature of timeless material to not draw attention to itself! Things that are constant and always remain to be true can be boring.

Your job then is to breathe life into what can otherwise be boring topics! How do you do that? That’s the focus of today’s show.

Things You’ll Learn:
  • Five ways you can get people’s attention.
  • Why it’s important to be consistent.
  • The difference between consistency and controversy.
  • How not to use controversy to get attention.
  • Why it’s important to use current content alongside evergreen content.
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore controversy.
  • How to peak people’s curiosity and what not to do.
  • Why it’s important to always be authentic.
  • How muh of your content should be attention grabbing and how much should be evergreen.
  • How to repurpose content in the best way.
  • How to bring people in without adding to the noise.
  • The one thing that’s more importance than recency.
  • Why you should post weekly and why it’s ok to even post daily.

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