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Today’s sabbatical episode features special guest, Laci McCabe.

I’m excited to have my wife back on the show (it’s been over 50 episodes since the last one she was on). For awhile, she’s been asking to join me on the show to talk about habits.

Last year, Laci made some drastic changes in her habits to be able to run a 10K. That goal quickly expanded into a running half marathon (which she did)!

It all started with something tiny—actually with flossing (more on that in the show).

We talk about achieving big goals by starting small.

Things You’ll Learn:
  • The two types of motivation and how to figure out which motivates you.
  • Where to start in the habit building process.
  • How to improve upon your current habits.
  • What to put each day on your calendar.
  • Two tricks to getting back on track when you miss your habit.
  • How to start chaining habits.
  • The one thing that will help you build new habits.
  • When to add new habits to your routine.
  • Why tiny wins are so important.
  • How to make your habit fun.

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