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You know you should be making more videos.

Spare me the excuses—I’ve heard them all before. (Actually, I’ve made them all myself before, that’s how I know.)

Let’s get right down to it: how can you create more videos consistently?

There’s friction in your setup. There’s friction in your mind. Things are holding you back from something that you know is not only possible but beneficial.

You can make more videos—and you can do it without a bunch of free time, fancy equipment, or needing to buy any new gear.

All you need is a mindset shift, some planning, and a little trick you’ve heard us talk about before: chaining habits.

Things You’ll Learn:
  • How to make quality work you’re proud of.
  • How to fix perfectionism and keep it from holding you back.
  • The first step to making more videos.
  • Where action stems from and how to get started.
  • How to figure out what is causing friction and keeping you from creating.
  • The single easiest thing you can do if you don’t know what to talk about.
  • The wrong time to come up with a topic and how to avoid getting stuck.
  • How to eliminate editing woes completely.

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