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Listener John Valles wrote in and asked about podcast burnout (UPDATE: he actually illustrated the featured image for this episode!).

“I feel so tired right now. I feel like my head just can’t take anymore learning right now.”

Ever feel that way? Or maybe for you it’s social media. It just feels like too much for you right now. It’s like a firehose of overwhelm.

It might be time for a reset.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • Fill your time with learning, but also schedule margin and time for silence.
  • Nothing will go wrong if you don’t experience someone else’s life on social media today and instead experience your own.
  • If you need a content break, try taking a break from the medium, the topic, or just consumption altogether.
  • What could you be making if you weren’t consuming?
  • When you flip the switch from consumer to producer, you position yourself as an influencer.
  • Most people consume. 10% of people curate, and only 10% of curators are creators.
  • Consumption overload happens when you’re taking in more than you can process or act on.
  • You don’t actually learn until you do something. Act on what you’ve learned.
  • Recognize when and where your mindless scrolling habit is triggered.
  • Consume only what’s relevant to you right now. Don’t try to hoard irrelevant knowledge for the future.
  • Every time you’re tempted to mindlessly scroll do something small to benefit your habit of creation. (Example: write down three blog topic ideas.)
  • The more you minimize what you’re consuming and maximize what you’re creating, the better off you’ll be.