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On our last two blog posts, we’ve been getting email subscriber conversion rates of 20%–30% on thousands of visitors!

I think we’ve cracked the code and found something that’s working. But it requires being able to make lead magnets FAST. This is a skill you need to build.

We’re going to help you get more email subscribers from the content you work so hard to create!

Things You’ll Learn:
  • What a lead magnet is and the purpose it should serve.
  • What types of lead magnets perform best.
  • How to enhance peoples’ experience on your site with lead magnets
  • What you’ve already made that you can turn into a lead magnet.
  • Why your lead magnet should be simple and how long to spend creating your lead magnet.
  • Why you don’t need an ebook to get someone to sign up (and what to create instead).
  • The one thing your lead magnet defines.
  • Where every single lead magnet should point to.
  • The importance of making your lead magnet very specific.
  • The most premium, effective lead magnet you can offer.

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