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On our last two blog posts, we’ve been getting email subscriber conversion rates of 20%–30% on thousands of visitors!

I think we’ve cracked the code and found something that’s working. But it requires being able to make lead magnets FAST. This is a skill you need to build.

We’re going to help you get more email subscribers from the content you work so hard to create!

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • A lead magnet can be anything of value that gets someone to sign up.
  • Lead magnets perform the best when they relate to a post’s content—this is known as a “content upgrade”.
  • A content upgrade enhances peoples’ experience. Once someone has read your content, how can you help them apply it? What’s the next step they should take?
  • If you already have a writing habit and you already create content, you’ve likely already made something that you can turn into a lead magnet.
  • Your lead magnet can and should be simple. If it’s relevant, it will convert as well as a 50-page ebook.
  • Your lead magnet should solve a problem, give value, or deliver on what your audience wants.
  • Spend 20 minutes on your lead magnet and then put it up. You’re not going to be happy with it, but you can keep improving and expanding it.
  • You don’t need an ebook to get someone to sign up. The easiest way to make a lead magnet is to create a PDF. Do less, better.
  • No matter what someone does with your lead magnet once they have it, you delivered on a promise and made a brand impression.
  • Your lead magnet defines the prospect.
  • If the title of your lead magnet is general, you will know little about your lead. The more specific your lead magnet is, the more you know your lead.
  • Lead magnets work, but what works even better is giving away a course. It feels premium.
  • The more you tailor your message to your lead, the more effectively you’re going to be able to sell. It’s better to be more specific even if it means getting fewer people.