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After recording what you’ll hear as next week’s episode, I shared a thought I had with Ben in the “after show”.

Among a number of things, we talked about a concept Gary Vaynerchuk frequently stresses: self awareness.

I’ve noticed a pattern personally over the years where I will develop my skills until I reach the top 10% in a given field and lose interest shortly after. I then systematize what I’ve built and move on.

It seems the common denominator across everything has been my fondness for systematization and creating processes for things. This proclivity shows itself in programs I’ve made such as Hiring Bootcamp, Value-Based Pricing, and 30 Days to Better Writing, as well as with pursuits like computer repair, web design, and spending 9,000 hours doing hand lettering.

On the topic of self awareness, this line of thinking lead to my recognition that maybe I’m not meant to be “the person doing the thing”, but rather “the person helping someone do their thing”. In other words, the person focused on the “business of business”.

We get into an interesting discussion about supporting our spouses’ entrepreneurial ventures, and overall it was a fun talk.

It’s a more raw and conversational show (since it was originally “after show” banter, after all), but it seemed appropriate to share it on a sabbatical episode as food for thought. At the very least, it may give you some ideas.