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You’re doing all the right things: providing value up front, helping people, giving them clarity, and building a relationship.

Now you need to make the transition to actually selling something—and it feels awkward.

There’s a reason it feels awkward (but it doesn’t have to).

If you’ve ever edited a video before, you know there are different transition effects you can use between video clips. Most commonly, one clip will cut straight to the next. But you can also use a transition. A transition isn’t instant, but rather gradual. It’s not overly long—maybe just a second or two—but it’s enough for the viewer to follow along.

If you say, “Nice to help you, buy my thing,” it’s no wonder you feel awkward. You need a transition. Done right, it can feel natural. It should feel natural!

This topic applies to your conversations as well as your emails and other content.

Today, we primarily talk about making the transition from providing value to selling in your email autoresponders (as a continuation of our sales funnel series).

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • You’re doing the world a diservice if you don’t sell.
  • How you think about the product you’re selling is going to set the tone for how you sell. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s going to come across.
  • You have to be sold on your own product. Believe in what you sell and think about how it’s going to better your customer’s lives.
  • Provide value related to what you sell upfront to make the transition to selling less awkward.
  • Selling feels awkward because you haven’t agitated your customers’ pain enough.
  • Having a specific lead magnet lets you know something about your customer, which helps you sell to them.
  • Your product should uncover problems and provide solutions to those problems.
  • Selling feels awkward because you’re focused on yourself instead of what your customers’ life will be like after buying your product.
  • Your customers are buying a better version of themselves and you have to paint the picture of that future for them.
  • You’re not selling a product, you’re selling a transformation.
  • You remove tension when you sell upfront—through your content, in your email autoresponder, etc.
  • Selling is an extension of providing value.
  • If you wait too long to sell, the reciprocity credit expires.
  • Sell a lot—it’s the only way you’ll get better at it.