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Do you have two hands and a willingness to work hard?

Good news! You can make some money.

You have skills and experience that others don’t have. You can use those skills to do work for people to make some money.

Client work is the best place to start and it’s the fastest way to make money in the short term.

Now, you may have heard some horror stories about working with clients, but this doesn’t have to be your future. We’re going to tell you how to avoid all of those headaches right from the beginning.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • Of “the trifecta” (client work, products, and teaching), client work is the fastest and easiest way to make money in the short term.
  • When you do client work right, you get paid up front.
  • Always get paid before starting the work. Do not do any work without getting paid first.
  • To prevent burnout and always work with clients you enjoy, cover your bills with a day job first so you’re not in a place of scarcity with client work.
  • You must say no event to good clients so you can say yes to great clients.
  • There will always be people in your industry who will work for less. Don’t play the game of competing on rate.
  • The solution is not to be cheaper, the solution is to find the clients that don’t want the cheapest.
  • What you offer is not limited just to the work you do—it’s also includes the questions you ask and how you put the client’s best interest at the forefront.
  • The right clients will pay a premium price because they value the result.
  • If you don’t assign responsibility and set expectations, your client will assume them (and you will create problems as a result).
  • Seek to take responsibility for every problem with client work—if you’re not responsible, you’re hopeless.
  • Prevent problems by establishing trust up front.