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We pick up from where we left off in Part 1: the middle of a client meeting role play.

Ben had just finished pretending to be a “client from hell” and I’m about to demonstrate how to wrap up the client meeting professionally once I’ve recognized the red flag and decided to pass on the client.

This episode produced some great “aha!” moments for people—things started to click.

I think you’re really going to get a lot out of being a fly on the wall.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • Good clients want the results that come from going through your process.
  • The right clients must be qualified—if they don’t pass your qualifications, pass on them.
  • Don’t be afraid the right clients won’t make it through your qualifications, because they will.
  • Don’t start with your pitch or services; start by asking questions.
  • A professional doesn’t try to prove themselves in a meeting.
  • Find out why clients came to you specifically—that’s your unique selling proposition.
  • Instill trust throughout the meeting by focusing on the client’s success, their benefit, and providing value to them.
  • Price shouldn’t be the first part of conversation; price should be the no-brainer at the end after the value has been established.
  • All budgets are arbitrary—what is your work worth to the client? You need to discover this.
  • Starting with budgets immediately positions you as an expense.
  • If something is valuable enough, clients will find money they don’t have to get it.
  • The right clients understand business, know their numbers, and already value your services.
  • Set expectations and define roles or the client will assume responsibility for things they shouldn’t be responsible for.
  • Don’t burden your clients with information they don’t need. This is a distraction.
  • Learn what success looks like for the client in their own words.
  • Demonstrate leadership and clients will fall in line.