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I just got back from a mastermind retreat, and I’m feeling clarity unlike what I have in years.

We are simplifying what we’re doing significantly at seanwes.

The feedback I received helped me realize just how complicated things are and how confusing it can be for someone looking for solutions.

Unification. Everything is going to be simplified and clear.

People who don’t pay us money are going to get more value. People who pay us money are going to get even more value. The people who have paid us the most money will get the very best value.

Finally, we as a team will have a simpler model, less stress, and greater focus.

I’m incredibly excited to share what we’re working on in today’s show.

In full disclosure, I actually was not planning to share any of this today. It’s all still very fresh and in progress.

However, I want to go back to our roots at seanwes. I want to iterate in public, document, and share the process. We’re taking you along the journey. The things I talk about today are not yet a reality. There is much work to do! But I thought you might appreciate getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s going on.