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You’ve no doubt heard about Instagram launching their new long form video platform, IGTV. You can now publish videos up to 60 minutes long.

IGTV is built in to the Instagram app, however there also a standalone IGTV app you can use to watch and upload videos…

Portrait videos, that is. Yes, the platform is built entirely around portrait orientation videos. I was definitely skeptical at first (you might be too).

But I’ve actually come to love it. It feels really natural.

This is going to big BIG. There is a shift happening.

People in the Community who have been thinking about starting a YouTube channel are now saying they’re seizing this opportunity to embrace video and go all in on IGTV.

It’s an exciting time to get in at the ground level of an emerging new platform.

The engagement I’m seeing is incredibly HIGH. Thousands of video views in a matter of hours. It’s really something.