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Last year, I spoke at the first Craft + Commerce conference. My wife and I enjoyed the experience so much, we got tickets to go again this year.

(Spoiler alert: we already bought our tickets for 2019!)

I got to meet Casey Neistat. I’ll tell you the story.

We actually flew up to Boise, Idaho a few days early to do some hiking in the mountains (since we happened to be on a sabbatical week). That was wonderful.

But even with the likes of Casey Neistat speaking, conferences like this, for me, are all about the people. It’s the deep conversations over a meal or in the hallway that really leave an impression.

I’ll tell you all about that and more in today’s show!

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • No one you look up is an overnight success.
  • You have to write to find out what you have to say.
  • If you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. If you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.
  • Lean into who you are and don’t try to be someone else—that’s the most sustainable way to build an audience.
  • You can’t imagine what’s possible if you start today and show up for two years.
  • Your failures don’t matter.