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So you want to read more books but you just can’t find the time.

How did I know, right?!

Okay, so it’s not an uncommon problem. You’ve probably bought some new books as a way to kickstart your new reading habit. Surely if you stack more books on your nightstand, you’ll eventually read them.

But somehow, you keep going to the phone. “What’s new on social media?” You look for bit-sized content you can consume in seconds. You don’t have time to read a book right now, but you can get a few scrolls of your feeds.

Next thing you know, it’s time to sleep. Another busy day ahead tomorrow. The books remain unread, and now you start to feel bad. Your books start to represent guilt itself.

Where do you find time to read?

How can you stick with a reading habit consistently?

Can you ever overcome the guilt of buying books and not reading them?

We’ll answer all of these and more.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • You get something out of reading no matter the amount of time you spend reading.
  • Don’t feel like you have to finish a book you don’t like.
  • The more senses you involve in the reading experience through audiobooks, physical books, and ebooks, the more you’re able to retain information.
  • A great way to retain information is to share what you’ve learned from a book.
  • You think you don’t have time to read but you’re probably spending your time on time wasters.
  • Your time is going a lot of places where you could reclaim it for reading.
  • If you’re not purposefully building a reading habit, your default will be to read short-form, bite-sized content (like social media posts), which often isn’t as high quality.
  • Reading for just 20 minutes a day is a win! Don’t think it’s not enough.
  • Make a rule for yourself to apply what you learn from reading.
  • If there’s a book that resonates with you, it’s ok to keep coming back to it.
  • If you get a single idea from a book, it’s a win—that idea will serve you for life.