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Has your work changed in any way the past few years?

Consider your home office. At one point, you arranged your space for the type of work you’re doing.

Over time, the work you do changes. Priorities change, but your environment stays the same. This means your office space is no longer ideal for the work you do. You’re not as productive as you could be.

Join us today for a journey of reevaluating your office space. We’ll talk about how to better organizer your environment (both physically and digitally) for maximum productivity.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • What is the most important work you do? If the most important work you do now is different from when you first set up your home office, it might be time to reorganize your environment.
    • Does your home office help you feel productive?
    • Are you often distracted in your home office?
    • Does your home office help you do your best work?
    • Are you fighting against your home office environment, or is it working with you?
  • Before you buy something new to improve your home office space, consider instead what you might remove. What is no longer serving you?
    • What should stay the same?
    • What needs to change?
    • What can you remove entirely?
    • Challenge: Spend no new money. If you want to buy something new, try selling some things you already have but no longer use. That money can go towards new things.
  • 7 small ways to improve your home office space:
    • Declutter your desk.
    • Use ambient or indirect lighting (such as lamps).
    • Change lighting colors to create context for different activities in the same space.
    • Add some plants.
    • Use posters to add color, views of nature, or display inspiring messages that motivate you (get rid of old posters that no longer do).
    • Invest in a comfortable chair. This is one of those times where cheaper is more expensive in the long run.
    • Find a way to personalize your space so it delights and inspires you.
  • You shouldn't have to fight against your environment to do your best work. Your space should work with you.