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Some months ago, I pre-ordered some new cameras (the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k). Today, as we record this episode, they finally arrived!

While I'll primarily use these cameras for studio work (seanwes tv videos, filming of the podcast, etc.), they are technically cinema cameras.

In the months leading up to their delivery, I spent many hours researching and learning about the new cameras, and really got engrossed in filmmaking. I've always been inspired by film and enjoy the idea of shooting, scripting, recording, and editing my own cinematic films.

I also want to travel. I plan to travel a lot during my sabbatical year in 2020. It seems like this could be a good fit.

But all of this is an idea right now. I don't actually know what it's like to make cinematic videos. I have friends that do, and I subscribe to plenty of YouTube channels with such videos, but I haven't actually done it.

Meanwhile, I have many gigabytes of footage from a conference where we shot 5 awesome interviews. The footage is just waiting to be edited! But I feel resistant to go in and do the work. Partially because I've been busy with other big projects, but also because it just seems daunting.

I have not yet overcome the resistance.

It's only on the other side of resistance you truly know you're passionate about something.

Take running, for example. Running is another hobby I've really gotten into this year. Unfortunately, after some months of running, I had a pretty nasty hip injury that rendered me unable to run for 12 weeks.

But during that time, I spent dozens of hours researching, and learning, about proper running form and technique. I stretched 90 minutes a day for 68 days (and counting). I committed myself to doing this right and getting better.

The thing about running is there's such a low barrier to entry, anyone can run. People who have never run, people who are out of shape, there's no gatekeeper. You can just start running! Of course, this means, you'll almost certainly injure yourself.

Over 60% of runners injure themselves each year. Close to 80% of all runners will experience injury at some point in their lifetime.

After 12 weeks of rehab, I got back to running. On the second day, I injured the knee on my other leg. It was difficult to keep myself from getting angry. I took a deep breath, and went back to the drawing board. More research.

This time, I incorporated specific strength training exercises that would alleviate the pain and prevent future injury.

I know I'm passionate about running. How? Because when I encountered resistance, I pushed through. I kept going.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins:
  • Don't confuse the idea of something with being passionate about the act of doing it.
  • It's only on the other side of resistance you truly know you're passionate about something.
  • Carve out some space to enter into an exploratory phase. Give yourself some time to try this thing out. Do it until you encounter resistance. See how you respond.
  • If you push through resistance, and make it out the other side, there's something there. If you give up at the first sign of challenge, you were only fascinated with the idea.