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Bad news: Ben was feeling sick the day before we were set to record and couldn't make it.

Good news: You get a special treat as a result:

Today's episode is a clip from our member-exclusive show, Fired Up Mondays. Lucky you!

Even though Ben wasn't able to record the seanwes podcast today, he's still in today's show because he was the one who asked this question that Cory Miller and I addressed in an episode of Fired Up Mondays:

"How do you become a full time YouTuber? I want to be a full time YouTuber. Both of you have worked on your own YouTube platforms taking various approaches. I have three questions…

  1. What are some things you did specifically to grow your YouTube platform that were effective?
  2. What are some things you did to grow your YouTube platform that you thought would be effective and then turned out not to be?
  3. What are some things you know you could do to grow your YouTube platform that you have not done or are not doing?

We discuss YouTube, monetization, diversifying your income streams, commitment to the process, evergreen vs. consistent content, and more. I share what I did wrong after recording 400 videos in 4 years.

Learn how you can get started on the road to becoming a full-time YouTuber in 2019.

In Fired Up Mondays, we answer a mixed bag of questions. It's our weekly "office hours" inside the Community. While the question that ended up taking up the majority of the show was about YouTube, we had some other questions before that.

I thought at first, I'd just clip out the part of the show that was about YouTube, but then I decided to just let you experience the entire member-exclusive show, so you get an idea of what you get each week when you become a member.

If you want to jump straight to the part of the show about being a full-time YouTuber, go to 27 minute of this episode.

Otherwise, listen from the beginning for a value-packed show that covers the following topics as well!

  • Visualizing your goals vs. creating "priming rituals".
  • My favorite habit tracking app (that I've never shared on the podcast).
  • Fix your overflowing inbox once and for all:
    • Get back to Inbox Zero.
    • Miss fewer opportunities.
    • Stop feeling overwhelmed.
  • Staying connected to your why and vision
Things You’ll Learn:
  • How I’m approaching video differently in 2019.
  • What I did wrong after 400 videos in 4 years.
  • Creating evergreen vs. trendy videos.
  • Make video go viral with only 800 subscribers.
  • The 4 keys to building an audience.
  • Why the secret isn’t just “upload daily”.