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So you’re not getting enough views, likes, or followers.

Well, how many do you want? It’s a question worth considering seriously.

If you could name a number right this moment—how many likes do you want on your posts? How many followers or subscribers? What about views?

You may have never stopped to think about exactly what you want. I truly believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. The first thing is to get extremely clear about what you want.

But the second, and even more important thing, to ask yourself is “Why?”

Why do you want more?

Maybe a better way of thinking about it is: what do you believe those numbers would say about you? What do you think they would mean about you?

Would it mean you matter? Would it confirm you have an impact? Would it make you feel important?

You may have 278 followers right now. You may get 36 views. Your posts may get 2 likes. What does that mean? What does that say about you? Should you change your behavior?

I’m asking more questions than I’m answering in this description, but the point of this episode will be to create a space for you to think and explore these ideas.

Every view, every follower, is a person. You never know who or what impact you might have. Maybe you matter right now. Maybe you already make a difference. Let’s talk about that.