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This is the first episode of a new weekly show with Sean (that's me) and Ryan McCabe.

I always enjoy my conversations with Ryan. In early January of 2019, I called him for a specific reason, but our discussion expanded into something bigger, as it often does.

Ryan is going to be great. You'll know this as soon as you hear him speak.

Yet, Ryan and I rarely ever spoke with each other, save for the occasional text message! Unless there was a specific reason to call, we didn't often see each other outside holidays with the family.

I wanted to change that. I asked Ryan if he would like to have a weekly call. Only good things can come of it, I said. He agreed.

I recognize greatness in Ryan and I want to document what will undoubtedly be his meteoric rise. I also want to have someone like him in my life on a regular and frequent basis. I make a point to get around people with a positive mindset.

When I realized 99% of what we say on our phone calls would be valuable to anyone listening in, I asked Ryan if he would be okay with recording the calls and sharing them. That quickly blossomed into the idea for this weekly podcast.

That's how this show started: Weekly calls between two brothers shared with the world.

But in order for you understand the mindset Ryan has, you will need to read a book. Just one book. Specifically, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Read the physical book, listen to the audio book, or read it for free online, but you must read it. Think and Grow Rich will lay the necessary foundation for all of the conversations to come.

If you've read the book, before, read it again.

But as I write this, I know few will go and read the book on their own without any accountability. So Ryan and I have decided to make it impossible for you not to!


We don't yet know what our weekly conversations will look like, but we know the first four months of this show will involve going through the entire book, Think and Grow Rich, one chapter per week.

We invite you to join us by reading one chapter of Think and Grow Rich each week before listening to the corresponding episode.

  • Step 1: Get the book (Amazon).
    • The book was written in 1937 and it is now in the public domain. You can purchase the book if you like, but lacking money is no excuse not to read it as you can easily read the book online for FREE. ⭐️ Simply search the web for "Read Think and Grow Rich".
  • Step 2: Read one chapter per week and listen to the correspondingly titled podcast episode.

Q: Can I listen to the podcast without reading the book? Yes, but you rob only yourself. This initial series is not intended to replace the book but rather to deepen your understanding by engaging in deeper discussion and commentary.

Q: Is the Sean and Ryan Show always going to be a book club? No. We are starting this podcast with the book, Think and Grow Rich, to lay a foundation for the conversations Ryan and I have. We will do normal, conversational, or topical episodes in the future. We may also decide at some point we would like to go through another book with you, but that remains to be seen.

Q: I'm subscribed to the seanwes podcast—do I need to subscribe to a new feed to get this show? Nope. New episodes will come out on the same feed you're already subscribed to. Nice and convenient!

This episode is an introduction to the book club we're starting next week. You will learn how this book transformed not just Ryan's life, but also the life of our brother, Caleb. Coincidentally, Ryan and Caleb have gone through the book together, meeting weekly in person.

You'll hear a bit about our backstory as brothers.

Finally, you have your homework assignment and one week to complete it: Get the book, Think and Grow Rich, and read Chapter 1. Next week's episode will be dedicated to discussing this initial chapter.