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Ahh, my fellow introvert. How I love thee.

I know you well. At age 6, I used to stand behind the classroom door to avoid having to interact with the other kids.

At age 30, I can’t say my love of solitude has ever gone away. In fact, I enjoy my peace and quiet all the more.

But things have changed.

I stream three live shows each week. I record myself on video every day. I speak in front of crowds. I actually pay money and go out of my way to attend conferences with hundreds, and even thousands, of people.

Why, oh why, would I ever do such a thing?

This is what more than one of our listeners have wondered for themselves. Specifically, they say something like this:

“Sean, I have a message. I want to share myself with the world, but I also kind of want to live in a cave. What in the world do I do?”

I feel you. If there was ever anything I empathized with, it’s the notion of wanting to stay out of the limelight while at the same time feeling a burning desire to share my message.

This episode is a fun ride.