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2020 is my sabbatical year. I take off every seventh year, and 2020 will be my first seventh year sabbatical since starting in 2014.

I’m taking the whole year off, and as per the only rule of sabbaticals, I have no definite plans. I have a lot of ideas of things I might do, but I’m not scheduling anything for the sabbatical.

Taking a year off is maybe the scariest thing this recovered workaholic has done. But in recent years, that fear has turned into excitement, and I’m really looking forward to the experience.

One of our Community members asked, “What is Ben going to do on your year off? I’m going to miss these weekly live shows.”

It sounds like it may be Ben’s first time really thinking about it. We talk about what might happen. Will we continue the show? Will Ben record without me? What’s going to happen?

I know myself well enough to know that I will want to document my journey of taking a year off. However I decide to document the sabbatical year, you’ll find any new blog posts, videos, or whatever I do over at