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Auto-suggestion is the medium for influencing the subconscious mind. It is self suggestion. It is how to change your mindset.

When you influence the mind by auto-suggestion, you influence your thoughts. Unhappy with the thoughts you think? Change your mindset with auto-suggestion. Follow the instructions in this chapter.

The book tells you, "You cannot get something for nothing. You must pay the price.", but still there are those who pay no attention to the instructions.

Skeptical people think they're clever when they say, “I read these magic words aloud… am I rich now? Huh??”

They would do well to actually read the book!

If you choose to follow some of the instructions but neglect, or refuse to follow others–you will fail! To get satisfactory results, you must follow ALL instructions in a spirit of FAITH.

Most people who read this book fail because they refuse to follow all of the instructions. We dare you to actually follow the instructions instead of picking and choosing selectively which of the instructions you will follow.

Write a list copying every instruction in this book. Put a check mark next to the items you have completed. Put an X next to the items you have chosen to ignore. Until you have nothing but check marks, do not complain.

You would never follow every other step of a brownie recipe and expect tasty results. Why then do you treat a book in the same manner and then claim it does not work?

Follow all of the instructions in Chapter 4.

📝 Definite Chief Aim Script

For your convenience, here is a copy of the "Definite Chief Aim" script provided in Chapter 4 of Think and Grow Rich:

For example:–Suppose that you intend to accumulate $50,000 by the first of January, five years hence, that you intend to give personal services in return for the money, in the capacity of a salesman. Your written statement of your purpose should be similar to the following:

By the first day of January, 19__, I will have in my possession $50,000, which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.

In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best possible quality of service in the capacity of salesman of __________ (describe the service or merchandise you intend to sell).

I believe that I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time, and in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it. I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money, and I will follow that plan, when it is received.

Ryan’s note: Adjusting for inflation, the “$50,000” figure in the example provided by the book would be north of $700,000 in today’s dollars.