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There are two kinds of knowledge:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Specialized Knowledge

General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money.

Many people believe "knowledge is power". But that is not the case. Knowledge is only potential power.

It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.

This "missing link" in all systems of education known to civilization today, may be found in the failure of educational institutions to teach their students HOW TO ORGANIZE AND USE KNOWLEDGE AFTER THEY ACQUIRE IT.

Ford was criticized for not knowing the answer to a particular question. He shot back, "Why should I clutter up my mind with general knowledge for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?"

Ford had his own personal "Google" before Google existed.

Any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it and to organize that knowledge into a plan.

Knowledge alone is not enough.

The author says the universal weakness is that of lack of ambition.