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Hey, it’s Sean McCabe here with a solo show. It’s been a heck of a past couple weeks. All kinds of crazy stuff seemed to conspire to keep us from being able to record!

From power outages, to equipment failure, one thing after another fell through and we had to skip several recordings. We’ll be back soon with the Sean and Ryan Show! Ben and I also have several great episodes lined up for you. I explain a bit more in the episode. That’s part of why I’m doing a solo show today to make sure there’s a show for you.

I also have a topic for today: comparing. I know I shouldn’t do it, but I still catch myself comparing to others from time to time. I share my thoughts on why you shouldn’t compare to other people (and the one thing you should compare to).

I also talk about how I’m expanding the podcast by including occasional interviews. You may have heard the interview episode last week. I look forward to your feedback on this.

Finally, I share some thoughts on how I think the 2020 Sabbatical Year will go.