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What will other people think? What if they say hurtful things?

Being on the receiving end of hate sucks. I’ve been there before. All of the things you know to be true (“It’s not you, it’s them!”) start to feel like trite, meaningless phrases. You feel empty inside and nothing seems to console.

Worse, because this experience you’ve had is so devastating, it can cause you to be cynical and fearful. Now, you expect the worst at every turn and can’t bring yourself to put yourself out there anymore. Or at least if you do, you hold back in subtle ways.

I received a comment recently from someone who admitted to being jaded and having an attitude of cynicism because of past negative experiences. They now expect the worst of everyone and expect people to be horrible.

Obviously, this is crippling. You can’t move forward in this state. You have to find a way to heal from the wound and learn to deal with negativity because it’s a part of success. Attempting to isolate yourself from it isn’t the solution.

Whether you’ve experienced hate before, are currently on the receiving end, or simply want to prepare yourself for the inevitable, this show will put you on the right track.