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This is a continuation (Part 2) of last week’s Coffee With Sean and Ben episode.

Last week, we covered three topics: Travel, Filmmaking, & Mastermind Groups.

Today, we answer a mixed bag of questions from members listening live:

  • If you could be mentored for a day by one person who would that person be? (can be past or present).
  • I know that the right advice at the wrong time is the wrong advice. But how do you know when the advice you’re being given falls into that category?
  • Are there any rules of thumb for knowing when to give advice?
  • Have you traveled anywhere cool lately/do you have any trips coming up?
  • I wonder what you guys are listening to lately? I selfishly ask in order to glean some new things to experience.
  • How did you two actually meet? We all know you were in a band together. How did that happen?
  • What world/cultural event would you like to attend before you die?
  • What are your personal long/medium/short term goals currently?
  • Do you ever think you’ll stop podcasting?