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This is by far the longest chapter yet! There's just so much packed into one chapter.

Chapter 7: Organized Planning contains lists of dozens upon dozens of items on how to build practical plans, major attributes of leadership, and 10 major causes of failure (among many other lists).

One notable formula provided is the the "QQS" Formula which is:

Quality + Quantity + the proper Spirit of cooperation = Perfect salesmanship of service.

While we won't be able to get to every list in this chapter, we will touch on a number of items from some of the following lists covered:

  • How to Build Plans Which Will Be Practical
  • The Major Attributes Of Leadership
  • The 10 Major Causes Of Failure In Leadership
  • Media Through Which Services May Be Marketed
  • Information To Be Supplied In A Written “Brief”
  • How To Get The Exact Position You Desire
  • What Is Your "QQS" Rating?
  • The Thirty Major Causes Of Failure. How Many Of These Are Holding You Back?
  • Self-Analysis Questionnaire for Personal Inventory