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Lack of decision and procrastination are holding you back:

ACCURATE analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, disclosed the fact that LACK OF DECISION was near the head of the list of the 30 major causes of FAILURE. This is no mere statement of a theory–it is a fact.

PROCRASTINATION, the opposite of DECISION, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer.

Every single one of several hundred millionaires analyzed shared a single trait: they reached decisions promptly and changed them slowly.

Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark, disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of REACHING DECISIONS PROMPTLY, and of changing these decisions SLOWLY, if, and when they were changed. People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, IF AT ALL, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.

How would you rate yourself on your ability to make decisions promptly? Do you make decisions fast and change them (if at all) very slowly? Or are you slow to make decisions?

If you are slow to make decisions, it's not likely you will become very successful.

Let's talk about how to change that.