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Sean is taking off the month of July to write his next book, Sabbatical. During his absence, Ben and Dan will record new episodes of the show. Sean will return in August.

Ben and Dan agree: we like seanwes. Sean McCabe is a great guy, and his brand has high-quality products and presentation (and great typography).

But what is it, really, that keeps us in the seanwes Community? That keeps us working with Sean, year in and year out?

Today we’re talking about how a brand becomes a movement.

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines a movement this way:

a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas

  • People working together? A more powerful word for that is Community
  • Shared ideas? A more powerful word for that is Values

Using our experiences with seanwes as a lens, we’re going to talk about why you’d want to go from a brand to a movement… and what it takes to make that happen.