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This is the last episode of Ben and Dan’s podcast “takeover”! Sean will be back on the podcast next week.

We don’t think about time like we do money.

We all know (hopefully we know) that if you spend more than you earn, the debt will pile up. It might not hurt you today, but over time it will continue to hold you back.

Burnout has been recognized by the World Health Organization; that’s how prominent it’s become—or perhaps it’s always been this bad, and we’re just now recognizing it.

When we talk about burnout, we don’t talk about it as though we’re suffering from a disease.

But it is that damaging.

Today Ben and Dan are talking about burnout. This isn’t a prescriptive show, where we tell you exactly how to deal. We’ll be sharing our own stories and experiences with burnout; how insidious it is, and how the damage and recovery go a lot deeper, and go on for a lot longer, than we like to think.

Show Notes