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Non-negotiables are things you’ve decided you will not negotiate on. They’re not up for debate. They’re happening and that’s final. Everything else can work around them.

Your non-negotiables can be anything you want.

Here are a few of my daily non-negotiables:

  • Write
  • Stretch
  • Read a book
  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Recite Definite Chief Aim
  • Close my Apple Watch Rings

I also have other non-negotiables that don’t happen every day:

  • Record seanwes podcast on Tuesdays
  • Seventh Week Sabbaticals
  • etc.

These are the things I’ve decided I will do no matter what. It’s not that I “have” time for them. I “make” time for them because I’ve decided they are important to me. I start my day with these things as a foregone conclusion. Everything else has to work around them. That’s what makes them non-negotiables.

It starts with a decision: decide the things that are important to you.

Next comes ordering. Begin with your non-negotiables and build everything else around them. This may require a complete reset.

By intentionally setting your non-negotiables, you can shape your day, your habits, and your life.